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My Story

Nadine grew up around animals big and small, coming from a family of farmers. Working in the animal care industry for half a lifetime, she has developed a passion for wanting to help people care for their pets in the best way possible.

With her pet care services she ensures all animals and your home are treated like her own. Teaching Pet First Aid she shows her passion in every class.

Why Sit Stay Play?

With a lifetime of animal experience Nadine can offer you comfort in your absence knowing your pet is happy. 

An idea was born

Nadine started into small animal care after working in vet clinics in both Ontario and Alberta. Coming back to Ontario she found herself looking for a new career path. Not wanting to leave her dog Gambler home alone for hours on end, she chose to open Sit Stay Play boarding and daycare. during this time she also became a groomer and Pet First Aid instructor for Walks 'N' Wags.

When she lost her loved Gambler she decided it was time to move on and go back to working as a Veterinary Assistant and did so for a few years.

As well add a new addition to her family, little Mistletoes aka Toes.

Working in veterinary clinics made Nadine miss the healthy, happy pets she used to work with in boarding and decided to start up the new and improved Sit Stay Play pet care. Along with Toes she offers many different options of pet care to help your pets stay happy, comfortable and most of all safe. 


Mistletoes - Toes

They may look the same, but trust me they could not be more different. She works just as hard as I do when she is working, either helping teach a class or socializing with clients dogs. 

Love of Pets

Because of the love of both her own pets and yours, Nadine will continue to offer great pet care services to Brant county and area for years to come.

This is Kloe who has been a client of mine from the start, as a puppy, 14 years ago!

RIP Kloe, you will be in out hearts forever.

Other reasons to choose Sit Stay Play:

  • animal care background
  • pet first aid certified
  • insured by Profur
  • pets can stay in their own home
  • can give medications with confidence
  • individual overnight sleepovers in Nadine"s home



  • Dog Walking

  • Pet Visits and Sitting
  • Mobile Grooming
  • Training
  • Pet First Aid classes

Keep in Touch

(519) 512-0155 - cell

People ask if I watch cats too or am I just a dog person. I certainly do care for cats, about half of my clients currently are felines! I also love my cat Spook who keeps everyone in line when they come to visit.  

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